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In Vitro

The In Vitro Division of NSIP is located in Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico and is dedicated to the improvement, propagation, production, and sales of key specialty and tropical species. The facilities include high-throughput, state-of-the-art laboratories, greenhouses, and nurseries. We are the largest producer of planting materials for tropical and specialty crops in Latin America with a current capacity of 20 million plants annually and growing rapidly. We are especially focused on propagation though somatic embryogenesis and organogenesis, which can provide clients worldwide with large volumes of disease free planting materials at an affordable price.

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In Vitro Team

The In Vitro Division is managed by Ph.D. level research scientists with decades of combined experience and success with in vitro propagation and supported by a large team of laboratory, greenhouse and field technicians. Our focus is on quality and reliability.


Services and products offered by the In Vitro Division include:

  • High quality in vitro derived planting material for agave, banana, plantain, Robusta and Arabica coffee
  • Large scale plant production through organogenesis and somatic embryogenesis
  • Tissue culture R&D: new protocols for plant regeneration through organogenesis and/or somatic embryogenesis, cryopreservation and embryo rescue
  • Acclimatization and hardening of micro-propagated plants in greenhouses and nurseries
  • Technical advice and consulting services

Breeding Program

The In Vitro Division is also the headquarters for the NSIP Breeding Program, which is developing new varieties for select tropical and specialty crops by combining the technologies and skills of our Breeding and Genetics Division and In Vitro Division.

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