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Nature Source Improved Plants, LLC is a US based company dedicated to the genetic improvement and production of high performing planting materials for a wide variety of plant species. NSIP was incorporated in 2016 by the merger of Nature Source Genetics, LLC., NY, and the In Vitro division of Agromod S.A. de CV of Mexico.

In Vitro Division

The NSIP In Vitro Division, located in Tapachula, Mexico, is dedicated to the improvement, propagation, production, and sales of key specialty and tropical species, producing cash and specialty crops such as banana, agave, coffee, papaya, cacao, and tea. NSIP's high-throughput, state-of-the-art facilities include laboratories, greenhouses, and nurseries – the largest facility in Latin America with a current capacity of 20 million plants annually and growing rapidly. NSIP's proprietary techniques and crop specific protocols include both somatic embryogenesis and organogenesis combined with horticultural methods. NSIP not only applies these cutting-edge technologies to its current portfolio of crops, but also has the expertise and experience necessary to rapidly develop and apply the same technologies to new plant species. This is thanks to its highly skilled and advanced team of cell biologists and propagation experts with decades of experience and a proven track record of success. Through R&D and innovation NSIP produces high quality, consistent planting material to generate value and agricultural efficiency.

Watch a video of an aerial view of our facility here!

Genetics Division

The NSIP Genetics Division, located in Ithaca, NY (formerly Nature Source Genetics), provides genetic and breeding services to ag-seed, ingredient and food companies worldwide (including both field and vegetable crops, and also some specialty crops) through the application of its highly-developed portfolio of genomics based breeding algorithms and methodologies. Using its highly-integrated team of mathematicians, optimization specialists, statisticians, computer scientists, software engineers, geneticists and breeders, NSIP has developed a novel and proprietary suite of algorithms and techniques to optimize efficiency and maximize returns across the entire breeding process, resulting in higher gains, reduced costs and shortened time to the market -- thus providing a real competitive edge to its clients. NSIP also provides support to the breeder both for overall breeding strategies and for increasing efficiency and success, using methods tailored to specific breeding objectives and to the biological constraints of each species. Finally, when requested by the client, NSIP offers its services in designing and overseeing new breeding programs for those clients who may not have their own in house breeding ­capabilities.

By exploiting the combined assets and advanced capabilities of two highly successful divisions, NSIP is positioning itself to become the leading specialty and tropical crops breeding company in the world.

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