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NSIP works with clients worldwide all along the agro industry chain. Scroll down to view more about the areas we service. 
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Client relationships

Seed industry

The seed industry is innovation driven – spending up to 20% of its turnover in R&D mainly for the creation of new improved proprietary varieties.


Molecular breeding has become a major piece of the seed industry’s R&D investment. The rapid development of genomic technologies offers a more precise and efficient way to manage and utilize natural genetic diversity in the breeding process. NSIP offers a proprietary suite of methods and technologies to the seed industry that both complement and enhance their internal R&D programs. Due to its unique multi-disciplinary team, suite of validated technologies, and wide experience working with diverse clients in many different species, NSIP offers a unique opportunity for clients in the seed industry to maximize gains and build competitive advantages.


Large plantation companies, supplying fruit (e.g. Banana, Pineapple, Papaya) or industrial cash crops (e.g. Oil Palm, Rubber, Tea….), wish not only to increase plant productivity, but also to improve product quality such as shelf life, sensory profile, color and nutrition.


These companies are also concerned by the evolution of new pest and diseases, and the need to rapidly adapt to new biotic or abiotic challenges.

NSIP is currently applying its technology and expertise in joint projects with major plantation companies on specific crops. Working with NSIP, these clients are able to access high-quality materials and to enhance existing value added traits or to add new unique traits – both of which enhance their profitability and create added value on the final products.


Trading companies are facing a new paradigm in that their clients are increasingly requiring identity preservation and full traceability for a number of products.

As a result of these changing demands, there is now a trend towards "de commoditization" in the food industry – especially for high added value raw materials. In order to adapt to this changing landscape, trading companies are developing closer relationship with producers to insure product quality and traceability. Part of this new relationship is offering producers planting materials meeting the specifications of the trading companies.

NSIP offers a full spectrum of technologies and services related to sourcing high quality planting materials and the genetic improvement of the plant species underlying the specific needs of trading companies.

Consumer Good Companies (CGC)

For both Primary or Secondary processing, Consumer Good Companies (CGC), are increasingly concerned about insuring a sustainable supply of their strategic agro raw materials.


Based on different models, depending on the crop, country and product, CGCs are moving towards vertical integration. The first objective is to secure and trace the supply of strategic and safe raw materials. The second objective is to establish traceability of the raw materials and thereby to create exclusive differentiate of the end product, especially for nutritional characteristics. 

NSIP is currently engaged in projects with major food companies concerned with strategically-important specialty crops. NSIP offers a full spectrum of technologies and services related to the sourcing of high quality planting material and genetic improvement of the plant species underlying the specific needs of such companies. 

Future Projects

Thanks to the diversity of our clients, NSIP is able to leverage its know-how and experience across various agricultural species. Our capabilities expand beyond what you see here on the site so please contact us if you have needs in the plant breeding/in vitro spectrum. In addition we have ongoing developments in Africa and South East Asia. We are also working on new projects that will be featured on our site in the future so check back from time to time to see our latest projects.

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